Mohamad Adam


Financial statements are often found in magazines, newspapers in the world of business and internet (on line). The financial statements required business / management, banking / creditors, managers, government, employees, unions, customers, and suppliers to meet the interests of each. purpose of this study is to help interested parties membacadan valuation report keuanganon line. Contribution of this study are: first, can provide relevant information for decision makers and credit investments. Second, as a business communications medium between management and external users related changes in financial position and cash flows of the company. Third, give an idea about their ability to generate profits and cash flows of the company. Fourth, give a picture of the company from one period to the next related growth or decline of the company. Reading and valuation of financial statements on line needs its own way. By reading and valuation of financial statements can be found on line and reliable investment position and become the benchmark for preparing plans for further investment. The financial statements on line only gives an overview of the development of investment, but of the financial statements on line can be known whether the stock market is quite large compared promising investment income in the form of another. So, please read and valuation of financial statements on line to find out the investment prospects of stocks


Financial Statements

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