TekstuReka to Garuda Registration


We have just sent the application file to register our TekstuReka journal to Garuda. This is an advanced part of the requirements for journal accreditation, which starts from (1) ISSN Registration (2) Garuda Registration (3) Accreditation in Arjuna. Hopefully this process can run smoothly as TekstuReka has met the required standards. To all readers and especially writers, continue to make quality writings so that this journal can be better in the future.

Garuda - Garba Rujukan Digital (

Posted: 2024-02-28

Edition Vol 2 No 1

Posted: 2024-01-28

2 issues for 2023

For a new journal, TekstuReka learns a lot from Arsir, both in terms of management and technical publishing. The target of two publications in 2023 can be achieved. Furthermore, TekstuReka will apply stricter selection to maintain the quality of manuscripts. The minimum bibliography is 20 pieces, and 80% are references from journals published in the last 3 years. The next issue is in March 2024, so please send your manuscripts immediately.  
Posted: 2024-01-19

TekstuRreka ISSN

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Garuda Registered


After 2 issues released on this year, TekstuReka will eligible to register in Garuda Portal:

  1. The journal should consist of peer-reviewed content 
  2. The journal should be published on a regular basis (have a ISSN number that has been registered with the International ISSN Centre) --> on process...
  3. At least two issues a year must have been published
Hope the team will achieved those targets in before the end of year 2023.
Posted: 2023-08-10

Second Issue


The second issue of 2023 is now open, so please submit your manuscript. The publication plan is in September 2023. If possible, two editions of vol. 1 and vol.2 can be published in 2023.

TekstuReka Journal applies the OJS system strictly, please follow the template and editor's direction on the submitted manuscript.

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TekstuReka without perjury

TekstuReka Journal never cooperates with third parties / partners / other agencies that promise manuscripts can be published. All journal processes from manuscript submission to publication are carried out directly through the OJS system without intermediaries. Editorial activities, reviews follow standard journal writing standards. Avoid the practice of perjury in writing journal manuscripts  
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Advertisement vol 1 (2023)

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ISSN dan TekstuReka Accreditation


TekstuReka Journal is a new journal published to accommodate and facilitate academic papers in the field of architecture. ISSN management can only be done after there is a manuscript (at least 5 pieces) that already exists and is ready to be published. ISSN management itself will be carried out before publication. TekstuReka itself targets at least 6 manuscripts for each volume. As for Sinta accreditation, it can only be done after the publication of 4 numbers, or in this case 2 years for TekstuReka.

In connection with this target, it is planned to publish number 1 in July-August 2023 and number 2 in October-November 2023 so that the target for 2023 has reached 2 whole numbers.

For this reason, it is hoped that those of you who have existing academic papers, please prepare and submit them to this journal. Currently there are several manuscripts that have entered and are in the inspection stage, hopefully the material is sufficient to be published in the first edition later.

We hope that TekstuReka journal can be a means of disseminating academic papers that have good prospects in the future.

Posted: 2023-06-09

Inaugural issue

Regarding accreditation requirements, TekstuReka journal will pursue accreditation requirements within 1 year with 2 publications. This means that the inaugural issue will strive to complete 2 numbers, so it is likely that volume 1 which should be March 2023 will be shifted to July or August 2023, while for volume 2 publication remains in September, or possibly in October, depending on the number of manuscripts received.

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Jurnal TekstuReka

Perubahan dan penyesuaian nama jurnal  
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Jurnal Tekstur

Penjelasan keberadaan Jurnal Tekstur, jurnal mahasiswa arsitektur  
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